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Prof Emeritus Robert P Sonkowsky


In December 2003 I was promoted to Professor Emeritus. I am doing what I have always enjoyed -- pursuing Classical studies, theater, chronobiology. I am relieved only of administration, having had a sufficiency (e.g., 13 years, 1965-78, as chairman of my department). My initial appointment at Minnesota was tenured in Classics and in Speech and Theatre Arts, and I worked also with the Medical School’s Franz Halberg in Chronobiology. I have published on ancient and later rhetoric, especially delivery, and oral performance; published cassette albums and CD’s of Classical literature in the restored pronunciation and in translation; acted professionally in many plays; published chronobiologic studies. What may seem to some scholars an odd triangle of interests to continue beyond undergraduate years into a research university makes perfect sense to me. How it does so may be hinted in the writings of the great 4th- and 3rd- century Greek physician Herophilus of Cos, who compared the dilatation, or diastolic movement, of the pulse to the arsis, or upbeat, of a musical/metrical foot, and the contraction, or systolic movement, to the thesis, or downbeat. In so-called retirement I will not have a desk in Classical and Near Eastern Studies unless I am invited to free-lance-teach there, but as of January 2004 I will have one as Honorary Member of the Center for Chronobiology in the Mayo Building, Medical School. I am planning to work there on the history of the concept of time. I shall also no doubt appear in various Twin Cities theaters.


  • acting on stage and screen
  • classical and medieval Latin literature
  • oral performance
  • theater


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Courses Taught

  • Latin 3450 - Advanced Undergraduate Latin: Classical Authors: Horace "Odes and Epodes"
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