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Center for Medieval Studies

Center for Medieval Studies

Minnesota Manuscript Research Laboratory

The MMRL is a CMS project designed to provide guidance on the study of manuscripts. The Laboratory is intended to provide practical guidance and training in the areas of text studies, text editing, palaeography and codicology.

The workshop is open to undergraduate and graduate students from any institution as well as to faculty, independent scholars and other individuals interested in manuscript studies and having a background in classics, medieval studies, or library studies.

The 2016 Manuscript Workshop will be held May 30-June 3, 2016 at the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library in Collegeville, Minnesota.

MMRL 2015 participants
MMRL 2015 participants and instructors (L to R): Benjamin Obernolte, Jan Volek, Alyssa Cady, Amanda Taylor, Loren Cowdery, Gevenieve Young, Daniel Gullo, Carin Ruff, Matthew Heintzelman

The 2016 workshop fee schedule is listed below. Funds are available for University of Minnesota graduate students officially registered for the Medieval Studies minor. Other students are encouraged to inquire about the availability of funds from their own academic departments.

MMRL lesson 1


Daniel Gullo (Hill Museum & Manuscript Library) works with two students during the workshop.







MMRL 2015



Instructor Carin Ruff demonstrates some features of a manuscript.